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So, in the wake of different people and communities being interested in my identity (sometimes to unhealthy points), here's a brief and informative introduction on me.

1) I'm not a troll unless you provoke me. I don't have a habit of keeping diaries, online or not, and this account was made with the sole purpose of entering different communities. I'm not going to enter any community specifically to troll or flame people, I'm just not exactly interested in having a journal full of entries.
2) I'm an artist who has a dream of creating her own webcomics.
3) Also a gamer :)
4) I'm childfree. If you are here to write me how I'll change my mind, regret my barrenness or throw other bingos at me, please be so kind as to fuck off and never show your face here again. I repeat: fuck off.
5) I also happen to be a feminist. If you're a chauvinist ass-raping, mouth-breathing troglodyte who thinks that trolling me is a nice pastime, please go get intimately acquainted with a Prometheus-version facehugger, or go play with the MRAs. If you're a fellow feminist/egalitarian - friend me!
The only exception to the whole friending schtick would be radfems. Sorry, but I'm not going to be friendly with ~true womyn~ who routinely shit on trans people, POC, and pretty much anyone who is not them. I'm also not in for the slut-shaming because I like sex with men and have fetishes and kinks. TL;DR: MRAs and radfems - go play somewhere else.
6) I'm an atheist. Live and let live, religion-wise, but don't try to hammer your religious views into my head. My patience is not a motherfucking universe, it has limits, and when it ends, you're banned. It ends really fast, too.
7) LGBTQ supporter. No comments here.
8) Pro-choice, and always will be.
9) I collect Sailor Moon and Wonda/Reset (Wonder Festival mascots) figures and resin kits, and often have Pokemon/Sailor Moon/Digimon merch up for sale - so if you're looking for it, feel free to PM me!
10) I happen to be a jack of all trades and do commissions, tattoo designs, paint resin kits and restore resin/PVC figures. PM me if you're interested :)

So, good day to you and nice to meet you :)

1/8 Pleinair-san Shark Backbone Crusher ver. resin kit
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I haven't posted anything new in quite a while (a lot of things have been happening, so I didn't have much time for anything art-related), however, I still managed to squeeze in some time to complete a resin kit that I really, really like.
I've always been a fan of the art by Takehito Harada (the artist who is behind the designs for Disgaea, Phantom Brave, Makai Kingdom and other games of the Disgaeaverse). It's adorable, simplistic and yet incredibly nuanced, and works really well for games, since it's bright, vibrant and cute.
in a whole lot of the games he works on, a character called Pleinair Allaprima appears; she is Harada's mascot of sorts, and is typically an NPC (aside from some downloadable add-ons where you can fight or recruit her). Pleinair is typically accompanied by a shark and a bunny with a stitched mouth. Apparently, she's quite popular in Japan as far as JRPGs go, and I'm a big fan as well.

Since I got into resin kit assembling, I've started thinking about picking up a Pleinair kit. E2046, my go-to place, has several awesome kits of her, and I decided to pick one I've liked for a long time - 1/8 Pleinair-san Shark Backbone Crusher ver. I've picked this one also because the official PVC, which was released after the kit became popular after one of the Wonder Showcases, was somewhat lacking. I wanted to make the kit look better than that.
This kit looks fairly simple, but it had some rather difficult parts to work with - Pleinair's head was in one piece, and the hair overlapped one eye on the left side of her face. Also, her torso was in one piece with the shark, and getting to do clean outlines was really, really hard. Anyway, onto the results:
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One of the weirder kind of anime collectibles out there are bottlecap figures, which are often marked as a type of gashapon (vending machine) figurines. According to Wiki, "another variety of gashapon is bottle cap figures. These small figures are mounted atop a plastic bottle cap, as might be found on a twenty ounce soda bottle. They are sold both in machine capsules and blind boxes. The caps are not fully functional as they do not have screw threads to secure them to the mouth of the bottle".
Recently, I managed to strike a wonderful deal with a fellow collector on Reddit, who owned a pair of Wonda/Reset Wonder Festival bottlecaps and felt that it would be a good decision to sell them to a niche collector (aka me!). So, after a short discussion and a couple weeks of waiting, I got those two adorable figurines in the mail:

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Sailor Moon figure repaint
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My hobby started in a rather hilarious way - I once saw a bootleg Sailor Moon figure on a Ukrainian auction website, purchased it, and then things simply snowballed (and still are, pretty much!). One of the first figures I bought was a Sailor Moon R suction cup  figure (apparently, the seller had a bunch of those without boxes and was eager to get rid of them for $4,5 each), made by Bandai Asia in 1996. I decided to pick one up - it looked cute, was dirt-cheap as far as figures go, and I quite liked it.
So, when I got it in the mail, I was rather excited, but then my excitement faded when I pulled the thing out of its package. This still remains one of the worst-painted figures I've initially received so far - so, I ended up repainting it.
After three evenings of painstaking work, it became much, much cleaner-looking.
Here's how it looked before:
(image from the original Ebay listing)

Here's how it turned out after some extensive repainting:
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Wonda-chan porcelain figure set
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Another set of items I've worked upon is a duo of porcelain figures that have been produced for Wonder Festival (I didn't find the specific production date, but probably somewhere around 2005-2008), both of the same character - Wonda-chan, the second event mascot. The sculptor is Kagawa Masahiko, the guy who made the famous cold cast Sailor Moon figure, which now fares for around $500.
The production of those had one massive flaw - after both figures have been painted, they weren't coated with any kind of lacquer, so the years of laying around in a box took quite a toll on them I had to restore paint on both, then to make certain parts glossy.
Here's the result:
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1/8 Wicked Reset resin kit
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So, fairly recently I decided to try my hand in the kind of painting entirely new to me - resin kit painting and assembling. I've pondered trying my skill out on a resin kit or two for quite some time, but I guess I was too scared of the unknown to think about it seriously. The urge was there, though.
Then, one day, I saw a kit on Ebay that I just couldn't walk past: this one. This lady here is one of the two mascots of Wonder Festival, the biggest scale model, figure and resin kit event in Japan, and her name is Reset. The other one is Wonda, a girl with short spiky hair, which you can see in this official art for the event. Often, the participants make figures and resin kits of those two, to sell them as limited quantity collectibles - so I was surprised to see this particular kit leaked from the event and pirated!

Anyway, painting it was not easy, since I had zero ideas about how acrylic paints worked, and had to get paints and lacquers eventually over the course of two months due to the lack of money. Ah well, all in all, I think this is a rather neat first attempt and I hope I'll still like it in several years :)
Reset 01
Glued her left ponytail on wrong, but left it that way because trying to rip it off would most likely damage it.
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SALES POST (Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon plush)
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This will be my regular sales post. Once the item is sold, it'll be crossed out of the listing, and I will add new items as soon as they are available for sale.
- I accept Paypal.
- I ship from Ukraine in 2-3 days after you pay for the item (more in case of state holidays). I'll help you track the item once it's shipped, since the tracking service page is in Ukrainian.
- If the item does not arrive in a month, please note me and I will refund it or we will sort the situation out otherwise. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks for items to arrive to the US and Canada (via regular airmail), it might take a bit longer if you're in Australia, for example. I have to say that I haven't had a case of failed shipping yet.
- I can put items on hold for you.
- I'm willing to haggle :)
- All prices are in USD. The prices do not include shipping cost.
- If you're interested in something, please message me or leave a comment here! I do not bite :) I can also show you my feedback via message if you want!
- Please note me once you get the parcel! I am obviously interested for our interactions to go well, so note of receiving and feedback is greatly appreciated!


Feedback page
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This post is where all my feedback for successful Livejournal sales will go! I'll divide it in two columns: "Sold" and "Bought", for my own convenience.
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